September 1, 2016

September 1, 2016

Ciao Convivium Members,

A bit about the ancient and a bit about the new:

First, the ancient: you may know that the English word, “harvest,” shares its Indo-European root with the Latin word carpere “pluck” and Greek word karpos “fruit.” That’s what we’ll be doing starting in early October—“plucking fruit,” as Italians and Greeks have been doing for thousands of years. Of course that’s only the start of it. You’ll be seeing the fruit, so to speak, of our labors—tasting, that is—turned into marvelous and essential and beautiful (and award-winning) extra-virgin olive oil. You’ll be participating in one of the most ancient rites—the harvest and the fruits of the harvest. This year marks twenty-seven years of harvesting our olives at Bramasole!

And now the new: I’d like to share with you two new things happening. First, we have a new website, with a new name——designed by William Mayes King (our 14-year-old grandson). I hope you’ll find it easier-to-read and navigate. The site is officially open for business!

And second, after some planning with the mill and the shipper, we’ve decided to change the March and May deliveries to weekly deliveries, what we call Standard Shipping!  That is, after January 1, 2017, you’ll be able to receive your case or cases of bottles and cans 7-10 days after placing your order.  No more will you run out of oil in April and have to wait until the end of May for more oil to arrive. We’ll continue to fulfill orders of the 2016 harvest until August 31, 2017 or while supplies last.

Of course, the Expedited Delivery (place your orders by October 31) remains in place: twelve 500ml bottles, as so many of you have received before—12 in a box, all to arrive before December 23, 2016—some years some cases were delivered before Thanksgiving (there isn’t a better holiday gift, for happiness and health).

With Expedited Delivery, you’ll be receiving bottles of the freshest oil possible, sent from the mill right to your front door. After January 1, you’ll be able to receive your bottles and cans 7-10 days after you’ve placed your order, the same oil and the same quick delivery.

That’s it. We’ve taken pride in keeping our small company well-oiled, lean, and transparent.

Two more items to celebrate: This one is ongoing:  Bramasole Olive Oil has won top honors in the New York International Olive Oil Competition four years in a row (since the competition first started)—the Gold Medal twice, the Silver Medal, and Best in Class. Check out, if you haven’t already. This year, we will enter more competitions and expect to garner more laurels.

Of special note: Frances’s Under the Tuscan Sun: At Home in Italy turns 20 Years this month. Yes, it was published in 1996 by Chronicle Books in hardback and a year later by Broadway Books/Random House as a paperback. It spent over two and a half years on the New York Times Best Seller List (frequently at #1), inspired a movie by the same title, starring Diane Lane, and at last count has been translated into 50 languages. Broadway Books has brought out a lovely new edition of the book, with a new essay by Frances. If you’d like a copy personalized to someone, contact Sharon Wheeler at Purple Crow Books,, and she will arrange for Frances to come into her small, curated bookshop in Hillsborough, North Carolina. She is happy to mail any of Frances’s books.

Thanks again for your support over the years. If you have any questions or comments, you can use the form on the new website, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Edward Mayes