September 1, 2006

Dear Bramasole Olive Oil lovers,

Thank you for your support! We have enjoyed bringing you this amazing, fresh Tuscan oil; we hope that you have enjoyed anointing your pastas, dousing your salads, and oven-roasting many pans of vegetables with it.

We recently had an idea.  By starting a Convivium, we might be able to bring the oil into the US much earlier for our customers, and actually do so for a lower price.  We want to change our business to a “buyer’s club.”  Convivium members would commit in advance to purchasing at least one case of oil for the year.  Knowing how many people commit in advance, we would then only import the number of cases that have been pre-purchased.  We would take care of everything, as usual – from the trees to the pressing, the bottling, packaging, shipping to the US, customs, etc.  As soon as we receive the bulk shipment, we would pack your case (or more – you’d be welcome to buy more than one case – in case increments) and send it to you.  That would be it – we would not ship any other oil all year, until the next harvest, when we’d do it all over again.  We would collect pre-orders by about January 1st, and oil delivery would occur by early April (possibly sooner).

The major advantage: You would have the freshest Tuscan oil available in America.  We could offer the case at $255, INCLUDING shipping to you.  Oil for those outside the mainland US would be more depending on location.  If you live near our office, you could pick up the case and only pay $230.  (It costs about $290 a case today to have a case delivered.)

For those of you who order smaller quantities, we encourage you to get together with friends and order a case.  Many of you order three at a time, and easily order twelve bottles over the course of a year.  A case of oil will hold very well for up to eighteen months if kept in a cool, dark place.  A bottle of oil makes a great gift during the holidays and throughout the year–try bringing a bottle as a housewarming gift, or instead of a bottle of wine, to the next party you attend, to see what a big hit it is.

Edward Mayes