October 1, 2011

Ciao Amici,

The new oil is one of the biggest culinary thrills of the year. In mid-November we received our expedited shipment of Bramasole Olive Oil in 5-liter cans, from olives picked and pressed in late October, and Fed Ex was able to deliver most of them to convivium members by Thanksgiving. We also sent over some adorable ¼ liter cans to include with the galleys of The Tuscan Sun Cookbook, sent to various reviewers and bookstore owners. We have a few extra and want to make them available, free of charge, one each to the first 10 of you who respond to this newsletter. Please email Nico at nperuzzi@thetuscansun.com with a request, and you’ll be receiving the can within a week.

There’s still time—until January 3, 2012—to place your order for cases and cans of our oil.

Other news: I’ve just started reading Tom Mueller’s Extra-Virginity, a wonderful new book about olive oil. He wrote an article for The New Yorker, published in 2007 about the scandals plaguing the Italian olive oil mega companies. If you haven’t read it, here’s the link:


Jann Mumford, a convivium member, sent me a link to an article by Nancy Harmon Jenkins, a food writer who also lives in Cortona and here’s a link to “Which Olive Oil To Buy.”


The publication date for The Tuscan Sun Cookbook is March 13, 2012. Please check Frances blog, www.francesmayesbooks.com, for details of the tour. We’re very excited about the book—a compilation of some of the best recipes from all of Frances’s books about Tuscany, as well as many new recipes. We hope to see you in March.



Edward Mayes