October 9, 2010

October 9, 2010

Our good friend Fulvio Di Rosa dropped by this October 9th morning to surprise us with a liter bottle of his just-pressed olive oil. When I think of the word prescient I think of him--he catches something before it's thrown! He's ahead of us again with his green gift of oil--he's already done one pressing while we're still a good seven to ten days away from starting to pick.

However, we're not running a race through the olive groves. The winners are the ones who make the best oil, and I know that the care and passion Fulvio puts into his oil is the same as ours. The real winners are my three sisters, who arrived yesterday from the USA--they'll be some of the handful of Americans who have ever tasted oil this fresh, this frothy green. Tonight, soon after we light the fire, we'll have the first great soaked-in-great-oil bruschetta of the season and we will be wild with the taste of it. It's as if we'll be diving for emeralds if one could dive for emeralds.

We're hoping Pierino and Armando will be tempted to pick with us again this year--against the wishes of their families who think that 80 year olds shouldn't be climbing ladders and putting in long days shouldering 50-pound crates of just-picked olives to the awaiting truck that will go speeding to Giancarlo's mill. If the first load of olives arrive by dusk, we'll have beautiful oil within a few hours. By dinnertime we'll be glugging oil all over stone-ground Tuscan bread. Can't wait to call Fulvio to invite him over.

Last year, we made available to a few of our customers 5-liter cans of just-pressed Bramasole olive oil to some members of the convivium, with expedited delivery. Because of the enthusiasm of those who ordered the 5-liter cans, this year we're making them available to all members. You can place your order directly on our website: www.thetuscansun.com. As always, you can order our oil by the case as well, and as always you can be assured that Bramasole olive oil is the freshest, best extra-virgin olive oil you can buy.

From the groves,

Frances and Edward Mayes 

Edward Mayes