frequently asked questions

Photo by Steven Rothfeld

When and How do I pay?

Payment occurs immediately when you order. All payments are processed via Stripe. You can pay with any major credit card. Again, if you are purchasing 4 or more of any single item, please enter the promo code VOLUME at checkout to get a discount. 

Where do you ship?

Through our website, you can order for delivery to Australia, Bermuda, Canada, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. If you live somewhere else, contact us and we can add options for shipping to your country.

How long will the oil last? How will it stay fresh over time?

Kept in a cool (70-ish degrees), dark place, the oil will easily last eighteen months. After that, the oil does not spoil--it simply loses some of its flavorful kick.

I’m not sure I can use an entire case. What should I do?

We recommend that you get together with friends and family and order a case. Between a couple of people, a case goes pretty quickly. A bottle or can of oil makes a great gift during the holidays and throughout the year. Try bringing a bottle as a housewarming gift, or instead of a bottle of wine, to the next party you attend, to see what a big hit it is. To improve your cooking, use more oil!

What is the difference between the expedited and standard delivery oil?

All of our oil is harvested at the same time. Priority delivery simply gets you the oil sooner, by 23 December. The sooner you get the oil after it is harvested, the fresher the oil is. It is a rare treat for people outside of Italy to get oil so soon after harvest. 

What if I don’t pre-commit to an order; will I be able to buy the oil later?

The window for Priority delivery closes on 31 October, but Standard delivery is available starting 1 January, until we run out.

Can I order more than one case?

Yes, you can order as many cases as you like. Use promo code VOLUME at checkout in order to get a discount on 4 or more cases. 

What happens if my case is damaged?

Although rare, sometimes packages are damaged. If your shipment is damaged, we will replace any damaged items and ship them to you at no charge.

Will single bottles be available at retailers/grocery stores?

We don’t work much with retailers, as we do not have the volume to make this work. If you’re a retailer who is willing to pre-order, drop us an email to talk.

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