“This is my first year as a Convivium member and I absolutely love your olive oil. Getting freshly pressed olive oil is quite special. I had the opportunity a few years ago to go with my friend in Tuscany to the local olive press where he presses his harvest and see the whole process. I was lucky enough to get some olive oil from him that year, but it is nearly impossible to find truly fresh olive oil in the US.  I live in Atlanta and my shipment arrived on Monday, much earlier than I had expected—what a nice surprise! The shipping was very fast—my package left Italy on November 9 and arrived here on November 12.  Thank you for offering this program. I couldn't be more happy with my olive oil.”  Robin Yezzi, Smyrna, Georgia


"Just want you to know that my oil shipment arrived today and I could hardly wait to tear open the box for a sample.  I set up my own oil tasting experience by lining up all of the oils I currently use alongside of the Bramasole oil—no contest. Your oil won hands down!  I am so delighted to have these green tins of treasure back in my life again.  With the huge drop in our Canadian dollar compared to the US dollar—this is like tasting gold!  Many thanks." Janice Bell, Okanagan Centre, BC, Canada


"I just received my case of your wonderful oil. We enjoyed every drop of last year's bottles. I had intended to give many as gifts but ended up using most of it at home. Thanks again and best wishes to you and Frances. I'm a long time fan." Melody Bjorklund, East Hanover, New Jersey


"I opened one of the new bottles right away, even though I still have a few small cans from last year's oil. The smell is so wonderful, and it was so beautiful and green as I poured some on my hummus. I had sliced some Vermont super-sharp cheese, which is wonderful dipped in the oil. I also put it on my popcorn. I have introduced some of my friends to your oil, and have given them several liters, so gave them a bottle to take home after their visit yesterday. My friend's email, excerpted below, came about 30 minutes after yours today. "We made a salad when we got home...expressly for the purpose of testing the Bramasole.  But, first, we each took a tee-tiny taste—and could not believe the rush of flavor!  Undoubtedly 'oooohh, peppery' was both our response, as we nearly fainted from the overwhelming deliciousness!" Amy Brassieur, Lafayette, Louisiana


"My oil arrived safely and in excellent condition. I opened a bottle immediately and took a tablespoon full!!!! That delicious peppery bite was there and my tastebuds were in heaven. No kidding, this years harvest is wonderful. I am afraid I may have to order more. Thank you for inquiring about the delivery and taking so much care in making sure everything was perfect. What a terrific product and how lucky I am to be on the member list." Jann Mumford, Crystal River, Florida


"I have enjoyed following your evolving story through Frances’ books and cookbook and blog posts for many years and am grateful to both of you for enriching the quality of my life and my dreams!"  Kind regards, JMB


“Again, thanks very much for sharing your treasure with those of us in climates not suited for olive trees! Now, if you could expand your enterprise to distribution of top quality balsamic vinegar and pinoli, I would be even more grateful. The former is hard to find in Vancouver and the latter are almost universally from China.”  Scott Munro, Vancouver, BC


“The oil is, as you likely know, fabulous.”  Richard Albert, Richmond, Virginia


“I’m reusing the beautiful bottles that I received last year.  Keep up the wonderful harvests!”  Carole Cassio, Boulder, Colorado


“We love your olive oil!!!!!”  Judy Graham, Sarasota, Florida


“A favorite (southern!) way to enjoy the oil for breakfast is to make plain grits, top them with a pool of oil, cover the whole thing in cracked black pepper. The grits are prepared with only water and a little salt, no butter.”   Amy Brassieur, Lafayette, Louisiana


“We love the oil we have ordered in the past and are looking forward to enjoying this as well. Many thanks to you and Frances for sharing your harvest!”  Toby Ann Weber, Akron, Ohio


“Oh, the oil! What a fabulous experience when we took the first taste. There was a bit of teasing over Mom's 5-liter can of olive oil but that STOPPED when the bread was broken and dipped. The color, the fragrance, the taste—all divine.  There is certainly nothing else like it in St. Louis. Thank you for sharing the harvest.”  Pat Showalter, Chesterfield, Missouri


“My can arrived two days ago (earlier than Fed Ex noted on their website!), unblemished and in good order.  So I recommend using that shipper again.  Can't wait to dig in!  Thanks again.”  Julia Brandi, Hillsdale, New York


“My oil arrived two days after it left Italy.  Can't be any faster than that! I was at an Italian restaurant last night and had some oil on bread—what a disappointment!  It's hard to eat something mediocre after you've had the best! I think this way of shipping was perfect. Thanks for everything.”  Judy Pusateri, Tinley Park, Illinois


“Our Bramasole oil arrived today and we tasted it this evening—superb!! Looking forward to our own little tasting party when it arrives.”  Patricia Teller & Barry Mundis, Dallastown, Pennsylvania


“This is the third year I have ordered and the oil is wonderful. I bottle and give to each of my children and my brother as part of their Christmas. This year the oil will go to Midland, TX, Ft. Wayne and Lafayette, IN, and Indian Rocks Beach, FL.  One of my sons always wants me to spare a little more later in the year.” Linda Burkle, Linden, Indiana


“The oil did arrive today at my house. I just unpacked it and it looks great.  I'll wait until tomorrow to taste with a bit more ceremony.  I understand that the world is becoming flat, but I am amazed (and delighted!) that something could be shipped from Assisi 3 days ago (the 6th) and arrive here in 2 days (and redelivered to me on the third).” Jane Kuesel, Old Greenwich, Connecticut


“We received our oil on Thursday. I couldn't wait to get the package open and have a taste. It is wonderful! Thank you so much for having the Convivium and allowing us to feel like we are in Tuscany, even though we are not. I made a fennel and sausage ragù last night and can't wait to serve it tonight to friends with the delicious Bramasole Oil drizzled on top.”  Karen Allebach, Orange City, Florida


“I love the oil so much. I received a bottle for Christmas this year, after asking for it for 2 years! It’s so wonderful, and it’s now going to be the only oil I use.” H.R., Pampered Chef Independent Consultant, Essex Junction, Vermont


“Many thanks for the beautiful bottles of olive oil. They were the recipients of many compliments this holiday season.” C.K., Ridgewood, New Jersey


“I wanted to thank you for the speedy delivery of my order! The oil is absolutely wonderful, and I am preparing a full Italian feast tonight in honor of Mrs. Mayes, and the joy she has brought into my home with her books, and now this wonderful Bramasole Olive Oil. I will be ordering again very soon, as I have never tasted a green oil that actually took me into Tuscany at the first taste! Bravo!” K.H., Palatka, Florida


“Although it is the middle of Winter in Melbourne, our thoughts are of sunny days in Italy and especially ‘that noble town’ Cortona as today, with great excitement, the Bramasole Olive Oil arrived. It was expertly packed and has arrived in excellent condition. The bottle is gorgeous, the colour is magnificent and the oil is absolutely delicious. And of course being great fans of Frances, the book was a wonderful bonus. Many, Many thanks.” D.Z., Melbourne, Australia


“I was apprehensive about buying oil from Italy, but I wanted to try it. We were very happy to get our oil so quickly. The bottles and lables are very beautiful, and to our delight the oil inside is just as beautiful. It has a very healthy taste that is somewhat peppery. You can almost taste the Tuscan sun and air. It is the best oil I have ever tasted. Since we have been using Bramasole, no other oil tastes anywhere near as good and we can’t get enough. Now we have to have our Bramasole and never want to run out.” N.K., Reston, Virginia


“I received my order and just wanted to tell you how FANTASTICO it tastes. We have been making Ed’s pommarola sauce from the new book and it tastes even better with this oil. My 15 month old daugther especially loves the oil drizzled on her beans. It has a spicy flavor to it which I have never experienced before. What a treat to cook with olive oil made from trees grown by poets.” M.S., Long Beach, California


“The olive oil is absolutely delicious!!! The color is this beautiful green, and full of body and flavor. The bottle is gorgeous! The delivery was professional--it was packed great and arrived very quickly. Nico was a true pleasure to deal with. Very professional, but extremely warm and very helpful. The whole Bramasole olive oil experience was great. I will definitely continue buying Bramasole olive oil!” M.B., Hohokus, New Jersey


“I received the olive oil on Saturday. It’s delicious!!! I highly recommend this olive oil to anyone who wants the “authentic” taste of Italian olive oil, it brings back wonderful memories of my trips to Italy. The bottle itself is lovely--I love the shape and especially the beautiful artwork. Thanks again for your delicious olive oil and wonderful customer service!” J.F., Seaford, New York


“My mother received a bottle of Bramasole as a gift and we all had the pleasure of tasting it over the holidays. I am almost fifty years old and never knew olive oil could taste so good! We plan to use it as our main olive oil and will continue buying it for a long time to come. Thank you!" P.F., Middletown, Connecticut


“I was impressed with the quality and speed of delivery. The olive oil was packed safely and delivered in great shape. A coupon was included for use on future orders. A great gift idea for lovers of anything Italian and Tuscan in particular. “ G. Perino


“The olive oil is flying off the shelves in the shop--we have Bramasole displayed with antique breadboards and breadknives, along with Frances Mayes’s book In Tuscany, and we have sold out as of yesterday!”
Elspeth Wilcoxon, Hanover House Antiques, Highlands, North Carolina